2019-2020 Rules:

Rules amendment June 7, 2020
due to the COVID-19 Pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus

With Gary Bettman's decision to truncate the NHL season (approx. 85%) of games played,
the pool will be revised as follows for this season:

All money collected to be awarded to winners!

Hockey Pool Information will be made available through e-mail only.

The cost is $10 US or $13 Canadian for each entry.
Maximum of 2 entries per person.

Please make your selections below FINALIZED by Oct. 2, 2019 2PM CST
and send your check or money order to:

Lyle Semchyshyn
14612 Farley Street
Overland Park, KS, USA

**************************************************************************** ****************
Cheques or Money Orders must be RECEIVED by the
16th of October, 2019 for entries to be valid (two weeks from first game)
**************************************************************************** ****************

Prizes awarded in American funds.

1st prize 60% of the pot
2nd prize 25% of the pot
3rd prize 15% of the pot
(2 way tie will split the total prizes)
i.e. 1st & second split 85%

Second Last Place: Free entry into the next year's pool.
(2 way tie will pay half-price, etc)

Note Last Year's / Pool Year (2018-2019) 2nd last place Drake Semchyshyn gets a free entry into this year's pool
Scoring Structure (only to the end of the full regular season):
2 points for a goal
1 point for an assist

5 points for a goal
2 point for an assist

2 points for a goalie win
3 extra points for a shutout
i.e., a goaltender win with shutout is 5 pool points

Bonus boxes are worth 10 points for each correct answer.
Determined at the end of the full regular season.

Bonus box #1 Presidents Trophy
(Team with highest points, end of season)

Bonus box #2 Nicest Tough Guy (Lowest PIM from rough guys)
(Player must at least play 1 GAME by the start of the repick date. Players not meeting
this requirement MUST be repicked or a random selection will be made for you!)
Bonus box #3 Hottest Hands(Best Shooting Percentage)
(Shooting Percentage = Goals / Shots, players who had 160+ shots
and 15% or higher and includes notables)

Players not playing by 9:00AM Central Time on 20th of October 2019 (= Repick date, start + 18 days):

Alternate players will be used only in a situation of a player contract
dispute or in similar circumstances and MUST be chosen from the original box.
Players who retire after the repick date cannot be repicked!

Players must be substituted (e-mailed to us) by 11:59PM Central time
on the 27th of October, 2019. (Last Sunday in October / First Sunday in November)
Full points will be awarded for the alternate player starting from
game #1 of the season.
Results are obtained from the TSN site daily by 8AM
(time is not guaranteed) and are only as accurate as that site.

Updates will be posted roughly within two weeks.
We reserve the right to deny an entry as we see fit.